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"reliable, flexible & very caring" Rachael



What are your prices?

For my prices and latest offers, please see Services page here

What areas do you cover?

I cover the Stratford-upon-Avon District CV37. Most of my furry friends live near my home but I am happy to visit anywhere in the CV37 district including Wilmcote, Bearley.

Do you charge a cancellation fee if I need to cancel at short notice?

If your plans have changed and you need to cancel my visit, I appreciate a text asap. If I only receive your text within 24 hours of when I am due to visit your pet, I may charge 50% of the fee for that visit (no charge if cancellation is due to snow).

Are you insured?

I am fully insured up to £5m Public Liability cover with leading animal insurance specialist Cliverton. Before commencing an off leash walk, a requirement of the policy is to obtain the Clients written consent (signature). Please see my T&Cs below. I am also police checked for added peace of mind.

Will you keep me informed of how my pet has been during the day?

I am always happy to share what your pet has been up to and will always let you know if your pet seems under the weather. I will try to communicate as often or as little as you prefer. If you would like to be updated daily, I can leave a note in your pet’s diary or send you a text and/or photo via WhatsApp.

How many dogs do you walk together?

I am insured to walk up to 6 dogs but I prefer to walk in small groups of 3 (on rare occasions 4) to ensure your dog has fun and interaction with their pals without compromising on quality attention from me.

Where do you walk the dogs?

My small group walks are in various locations such as the Welcome Hills & Clopton Reserve, racecourse meadows, river and canal walks, Shottery, Bearley and Welford-on-Avon. Individual walks are usually straight from your home.

What do you do in case of an emergency with my pet?

During our initial consultation I will obtain emergency contact details and your registered vet details from you. If a vet is required, I'm trained to provide initial 1st Aid to your pet prior to taking to a vet and will aim to take your pet to your registered vet where possible.

Can you recommend a local vet?

Most of my furry friends are either registered at the Ark or at Avonvale (next to Waitrose) and I highly recommend them.

What hours do you work and do you work on weekends?

My normal working hours Monday - Friday are 8am - 5.30pm.  Weekend and bank holiday services are usually limited to feed 'n fuss visits for cats and small furries (prices may incur a 25% uplift). I do help out with the occasional dog walk on the weekend when I am able to.

Can you do overnight pet sitting or boarding?

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer this service but do get in touch if you would like a recommendation of someone who can.

Do you do pet sitting during the day for dogs?

I offer a standard pet visiting service of up to one hour. If you need a more tailored service, please get in touch to find out availability and price.

What are your terms & conditions?

Dog Walking – Off-leash Waiver. During the initial consultation, in accordance with insurance requirements, the Client will be required to sign the following Off-leash Waiver:

I hereby give / do not give* Wagz2Whiskers permission to take my dog on off-leash walks. I understand that there are certain risks involved with off leash walks and that injuries including cuts and scratches etc can occur even though the dogs are carefully supervised.

I accept that I am responsible for the payment of all veterinary fees (the Fees) that may be required whilst my dog is under the care of Wagz2Whiskers. In the event that Fees are incurred as a direct result of the negligence of Wagz2Whiskers then a claim for reimbursement of the Fees can be made against Wags2Whiskers’ liability insurance.

Cat sitting / feeding waiver. During the initial consultation, the Client will be required to sign the following waiver:

I give Wagz2Whiskers permission to seek and obtain any veterinary care it considers necessary whilst my pet is under its care and accept this decision and the decision of a vet regarding any treatment or action deemed appropriate and indemnify Wagz2Whiskers from all liability and costs. I will not hold Wagz2Whiskers liable for the decision to seek or not seek veterinary care.

General Terms of Business

Cancellations of less than 24 hours may be charged at 50%

It is assumed that the Client consents to their pet being photographed, which may be uploaded to Wagz2Whiskers media.



Please take a look at my reviews below.  Most are copied from my yell.com listing here and thank you cards:-


"Amazing. My two fur babies absolutely love Linda, they are always waiting for her visits! Linda is so thoughtful and caring to them. We have been with Linda for a full whole year and I say that’s an achievement for my picky mini dachshunds! Would definitely recommend! Thank you Linda"



"Excellent Dog Walking Service. Linda walks our dog Ted four times a week, he absolutely loves her. When our last dog walker had to give up I was devastated thinking I would struggle to find anyone as good. I was wrong, Linda is fantastic, she is incredibly flexible, often helping us out at very short notice and extremely professional in the way she operates her business. I particularly like the notes she leaves us after each walk which gives us a real sense of what they have done. I would highly recommend Wagz2whiskers"



"Great Service. Very helpful and kind when I was not able to walk my dog due to a recent operation. Linda is a very calm person who instilled trust in me straight away. Alfie took to her immediately and used to wait in the window for her to come and walk him. I would thoroughly recommend Linda and wouldn’t hesitate if needed to ask for help again. Alfie had some really good walks and she tailored them to suit his needs" 



"FANTASTIC DOG WALKER Linda is reliable, flexible and very caring towards my Pooch. I would recommend her wholeheartedly"



"Jenna loves going on walks with Linda, she sees it as a special treat. Linda is always reliable and will do all she can to accommodate our needs. Jenna loves her"



"Reliable and friendly service. Prompt response to initial enquiry. We have 3 cats who have been very well looked after, following a consultation about their exact needs.  Linda is completely reliable and texts an update every day, which is very reassuring. We would definitely recommend this service; the cats are much happier than when they have been in a cattery"

Sarah G


"Having found out that a dog walker I was using was not actually walking my dog, I was very lucky to come across Linda who had only started advertising a few days earlier. 

I found Linda to be very friendly, professional and was keen to meet the needs of me and my dog and I found her to be somebody to be trusted. 

Having used Linda for 6 weeks I've been really pleased with her. Being at work during the day I know that my dog is being well exercised during the day, his snoring is a give away! He's also better behaved and is much more chipper! Love that I'm kept regularly informed of his and Linda's antics together and I'm happy knowing he's being well looked after and out having fun on his walks. I can definitely see the difference in my dog now that he's being looked after properly. 

Have also found Linda to be very obliging a short notice to do a walk."



"Linda has always been very considerate of and caring towards my dogs & accommodating to my changing requests for her help. Her diary notes & general feedback of how the walks have gone are appreciated/useful. My dogs are too old to go out in a pack/group walk, so Linda's tailored service is a great help"



"I had a very warm feeling from the moment I met Linda. She visited me (and Buddie) and presented her insurance certificates and asked relevant questions to gain Buddie's background and character. I found her very professional and she clearly loves her work. 

I have used dog walkers in the past and not had any issues but Buddie was always walked in large groups. I found that as he is now in his senior years he prefers the more 'personal' touch. 

Buddie is a much happier boy since going out with Linda. He is so excited to see her and returns very relaxed, albeit exhausted!!! 

If Buddie is wet/dirty, Linda dries him off and gives him lots of fuss and settles him down before she leaves him. 

Linda is a lovely lady and I just could not imagine anyone better to look after Buddie. 

Outstanding service and very highly recommended."



"We would like to thank you for all the help and support you have given us over the last two years or so.................it gives us great comfort to know that Buddie is in such capable and loving care when he is with you......"



“Linda is truly amazing!  She treats my greyhound like he is her own and he absolutely adores her.  She is his second mum!  Nothing is too much trouble for Linda.  Not only does she walk my dog but she also spends extra time with him in the day so he isn’t on his own for too long when I’m at work.  Linda is also always ready to help when unexpected emergencies crop up and I need some extra dog sitting.  I know that I never have to worry when Linda is looking after my dog as he’ll be well looked after, have lots of fun and get lots and lots of TLC.”



"When I was looking for a dog walker Linda's puppy visiting service appealed to me as she seemed very caring and attentive. Once I had met Linda for the first time I knew that she would do everything I needed for my mad gorgeous puppy Lettie. 

Linda instinctively knew what Lettie needed as a puppy and immediately I felt relaxed and comfortable letting Linda have access to my home and my precious pup.

Linda goes above and beyond my expectations not only about how she truly loves Lettie but leaving notes about how Lettie was doing that day and giving an account of how she was behaving (mostly nutty puppy!) which was so important to me in the early days

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Linda to anyone who has a dog no matter how old from puppy onwards she truly has the best interests of your dog and you in mind, so go for it!"



"Our go to person: We have used Wagz 2 whiskers for pre planned and last minute dog walks. Never any problems always on time and works around us to ensure our dog get the attention she needs, great to come home from work and Darcy (dog) to have already been walked and exercised. Good rates and excellent service. It's always tough to trust someone with your pet but Linda is just what you need if you're unsure give her a trial and I'm sure you'll be fully satisfied".

Ian & Kate (Darcy the Shihtzu)


"Great for small pets too! Linda has looked after our guinea pig on daily visits whenever we are away for a few years now and always does so with genuine care and total reliability. She visits to feed and clean out the hutch and has bought my guinea pig treats too. I always love the notes she leaves for our return letting me know how Penny has been - she even sent my two little boys an update text last time we were away! Would highly recommend"



"We've been using Wagz2Whiskers for over 2 years now to walk our border collie during the week. Our children love coming home and reading our dog's diary to find out where he's been for his walks and what friends he's been with that day. Linda is trustworthy & reliable and seems to genuinely love and care for our dog.  Excellent service and would highly recommend."



"Linda, Thank you very much for looking after me when I was poorly.  It really put my mum & dads minds at rest knowing you were coming in to check on me.  You're my favourite dog walker.  Lots of love from Otis xxx"



"Dear Linda. We can't express enough of our gratitude for everything you have done for us this year.  We really appreciate it.. thank you"



"Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job of looking after Tilly, it is very much appreciated" 



"It's been a long winter and we appreciate your commitment. Here's a little something to say thank you so much. With love and thanks"



"Thank you so much for everything you do for Nacho & Peanut.  They are in love with your company and walkies!"